Since 1981 we have funded services within Lancashire for lonely and isolated older people but due to increasing demand and shrinking resources we need your help!

As you sit reading this information there is an estimated 35,000 people aged 65 years and over who are chronically lonely and isolated in Lancashire, with research showing that poor social connections can be as damaging to their health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

35,000 people is a huge number in fact its a whopping 10,500 more people than Preston North Ends maximum seating capacity! You may be thinking that’s a lot of people and how can you help…  By donating to the #WTFLancs campaign you are having a direct and positive impact on the lives of older people in Lancashire and helping us to reach some of the 35,000 people aged 65 years and over  who are chronically lonely and isolated.

Donating just £25 could go towards an afternoon outing or a £5 donation could provide transport and a ticket to the local cinema. If you like to think of big, a donation of £300 could pay for a mini bus and day trip to Blackpool including lunch… Whatever amount you can afford is greatly appreciated and you can rest assured that all donations will be spent in Lancashire supporting our local older community. 

By donating to our crowdfunding initiative you are helping to keep DBS checked and trained volunteers in the community like Kate one of our volunteer ‘befrienders’ – you can read Kate and Freda’s story here.  Age Concern volunteers are a lifeline for older people, some of whom were sat at home alone for days or even weeks without speaking to another person prior to getting our help.


Age Concern supports hundreds of lonely and isolated older people each month from those who are unable to leave their home to people who experience difficulties due to caring for someone with dementia.

Every week we ….
– We run dozens of groups and activities aimed at keeping Lancashire’s older people active
Call the same people every week at the same time
– Make home visits equating to over 500 hours of support and host monthly carer groups aimed at helping people through peer support

The #WTFLancs campaign has been created by Age Concern to help raise vital funds to combat loneliness and isolation across Lancashire.

The campaign introduces ‘Lonk the Lonely Sheep’ who is sad and lonely until a group of socially conscious neighbours on a nearby hillside realise that Lonk needs help and collectively agree they ‘give a flock’ and spring in to action!!

Just as sheep flock together, we need your support to reach lonely and isolated older people in Lancashire. Help Age Concern to help older people in Lancashire. We give a massive flock, do ewe?

If you’d like to know more about fundraising or donating to Age Concern then please contact us on (01772) 552859 for a chat and some inspiration.  Alternatively; please complete the ‘Fundraising’ form below.


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