make a pledge with lonk

The WTF Lancashire campaign has been created by Age Concern to help raise vital funds to combat loneliness and isolation across Lancashire.

The campaign introduces ‘Lonk the Lonely Sheep’ who is sad and lonely until a group of socially conscious sheep on a neighbouring hillside realise that Lonk needs help and collectively agree they ‘give a flock’ and spring in to action!!

Sadly there is an estimated 35,000 chronically lonely and isolated older people in Lancashire with research showing that poor social connections can be as damaging to their health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! ‘What the Flock’ we hear you cry!! Age Concern is committed to helping vulnerable older people wherever possible and the WTF Lancashire campaign aims to raise awareness and vital funds to reach those most in need!

Just as sheep flock together, we need your support to truly make a difference. Help Age Concern to help older people in Lancashire. We give a massive flock, do you!?

People can support Age Concern in many ways, from donations of money via our website and items into our shops through to fundraising challenges and legacies the possibilities are endless.  If you’d like to play your part, then we’ve listed some options below.

If you’d like to know more about fundraising or donating to Age Concern then please contact us on (01772) 552859 for a chat and some inspiration.  Alternatively; please complete the ‘Fundraising’ form below.