Free Wills Clinics

We are pleased to be able to offer Age Concern Legal Services. We are often asked for help with issues from Wills to Care Costs and have therefore partnered with McClure Solicitors, a leading law firm which specialises in these areas. 

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Wills Clinics

Why do I need a Will?

You already know that every adult should have a Will. Without a Will the law decides who inherits. With a Will you decide. With no Will it will usually take longer and cost more to wind up your estate.

Why should I use McClure?

 They have been preparing Wills since 1853 so they are good at it. They prepare thousands per annum. So you are in good hands.
 A standard Will only states who is to benefit when you die. Estate Planning Wills ensure that your estate finishes up where you want it. Quite a difference.
 At present they will prepare your Will free of charge for the charity. So now you can support the Charity and get a good deal.

What McClure can do for you

 They make your Will free of charge.
 You don’t pay.
 The Charity doesn’t pay.
 You consider a donation for the Charity.
 All of your donation goes to the Charity.
 Simple as that.

Why do they do it?

 Everyone benefits.
 You get the Will you need.
 They raise funds for the Charity.
 Over 50% of clients go on to use them for other services.

To book an advice session complete the Contact Us form or book directly into a clinic.