Lasting Powers of Attorney

We are often asked for help with issues from wills to care costs and have therefore partnered with Jones Whyte, a leading law firm who specialise in these areas.

Age Concern

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)?

It is a legal document which appoints someone to act for you if you become unable to make decisions or manage your affairs.

Why do I need a POA?

More of us become unable to manage our affairs these days. Without a POA, your family may need to go to Court. This can cause lots of hassle, delay and expense.

Why should I do it now?

If you leave it until you need it, it will be too late.

Why should I use Jones Whyte?

 They prepare thousands of Powers of Attorney each year.
 They let you decide whether and when to register it. This can save you around £100 per person.
 You keep control.
 They include a caveat. So even if it’s signed and registered, no-one can use it until you say so.
 At present they will prepare your Power of Attorney for only £249.
 They include your Welfare Power of Attorney free of charge.
 And they will donate £30 to Charity.

Why do they do it?

 Everyone benefits.
 You get the Powers of Attorney you need.
 Over 50% of clients go on to use them for other services.

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