Special Price Lasting Powers of Attorney

We are pleased to be able to offer Age Concern Legal Services. We are often asked for help with issues from Wills to Care Costs and have therefore partnered with McClure Solicitors, a leading law firm which specialises in these areas. 


What is a Power of Attorney (POA)?

It is a legal document which appoints someone to act for you if you become unable to make decisions or manage your affairs.

Why do I need a POA?

More of us become unable to manage our affairs these days. Without a POA, your family may need to go to Court. This can cause lots of hassle, delay and expense.

Why should I do it now?

If you leave it until you need it, it will be too late.

Why should I use McClure?

 They prepare thousands of Powers of Attorney each year.
 They let you decide whether and when to register it. This can save you around £100 per person.
 You keep control.
 They include a caveat. So even if it’s signed and registered, no-one can use it until you say so.
 At present they will prepare your Power of Attorney for only £199. This saves you £161.
 They include your Welfare Power of Attorney free of charge.
 And they will donate £30 to Charity.

Why do they do it?

 Everyone benefits.
 You get the Powers of Attorney you need.
 Over 50% of clients go on to use them for other services.

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