All of our services help to combat loneliness and isolation in some way, but our befriending service leads the charge.

As you sit reading this information there are an estimated 35,000 people aged 65 years and over who are chronically isolated in Lancashire.  That’s a whopping 10,500 more people than Preston North Ends maximum seating capacity and 13,060 more people than Turf Moor can hold in Burnley.

Furthermore, loneliness is estimated to be as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, that’s the equivalent of 525,000 cigarettes being smoked across Lancashire by our ageing population!

These are shockingly sad realities for many of Lancashire’s older people but it’s something that Age Concern is committed to change.

We believe passionately about combatting loneliness and isolation and since 1981 have funded a befriending service from our core charitable reserves.  The service is provided free of charge and is supported greatly through the marvellous work of our volunteer befrienders.

If you’re lonely or isolated or know of someone who is, then our befriending service may be the answer, and chances are if we can’t help we’ll know someone who can.

Our volunteer befrienders visit people in their own homes or local communities to offer long-term support and companionship and to link them back into society, and with the BBCs scrapping of free TV licences for older people, Age Concern’s help is needed more than ever!

What we offer

Long-term befriending and companionship

Each person is contacted by the same person every week.

Who we support

People aged 55 years and over

What we charge

This service is free of charge


Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:30


Preston and South Ribble but we are looking to expand our reach and if you live nearby then give us a call and we’ll see if we can fit you in!

How to access

We try to be as accessible as possible and the main referral routes include:

Tel: 01772 552880

Referrals are accepted from members of the public and partner agencies alike.

Our befriending service relies heavily on the good grace of people giving their time as volunteers- and we only require a minimum of hour per week. If you’ve been inspired to help a lonely or isolated older person then please get in touch and enquire about volunteering with Age Concern. You could change someone’s life for the better!

  • “I’ve felt lonelier since my son died.  You feel better if someone’s here, like when my brother comes to visit I feel alright.  But when there’s nobody there to talk to it gets lonely, especially in the winter."

  • “When you’re just sat here day in day out there’s nothing to look forward to and it’s a bit boring and lonely.  It makes a big difference to have a visit as it’s a bit of company and it passes the day on. You’ve also got something to look forward to with the next visit.”