Access To Benefits

Access to Benefits (Welfare Rights)

Our team of benefits boffins are masters at securing all kinds of money for people over the state pension age.  From Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Pension Credits, Savings Credits and Council Tax Reductions it’s what they do!

In fact; they’re magicians and turn every £1 spent on the service in to £14 of benefits! That’s a mahoosive 1,300% return…

If that doesn’t impress you, let’s put it like this, in 2018 they secured over £1.7 million pounds worth of benefits for older people in Central Lancashire alone and it’s not just about the money.

As a result of using the service:

41% of people said their mental wellbeing had improved from simply applying for the benefit(s)

100% of people said their mental wellbeing had improved after securing the benefit(s)

Our Charges

Consider our boffins like modern-day Robin Hoods, they take from the rich and give to the needy and take a wee percentage, but they’re not greedy!

Benefit Checks £10

Form Filling £25

The charges help to keep this valuable service afloat as without your contribution the Access to Benefits service would not exist and many older people would miss out on valuable funds.

How to Refer

We try to be as accessible as possible and the main referral routes include:

Tel: 01772 552886

Referrals are accepted from members of the public and partner agencies alike across Lancashire.

Access to Benefits Form

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    If yes please state your relationship to the person whom you are referring
  • "When I was turned down, you helped me with the mandatory reconsideration and I won – Thank you"