Live Well

Our Live Well services are designed to promote physical, social and emotional wellbeing by providing a full suite of services for the heart, body and mind and we’ll even look after your digs too.

Here at Age Concern we love metaphors and if you’ve started to feel like a rusty old banger in need of an MOT, then step inside our one stop shop!

If you need support with issues of the mind such as loneliness, isolation or dementia, help to keep you ticker trucking, dosh in your pocket, toes to be proud of and a home fit for a King or Queen then you’ve hit the jackpot!

We’ve got you covered from head to toe and from home to the high street.  It’s all here in our Live Well services.


  • Access to Benefits - Welfare Rights

    Access to Benefits - Welfare Rights

    Our team of benefits boffins are masters at securing all kinds of money for people just like you.

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  • Nail Clipping

    Nail Clipping

    If you want to keep tripping the light fantastic or would like to show your tootsies some love, then our nail clipping service is for you!

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  • Befriending


    Combatting loneliness and isolation runs throughout everything we stand for and do at Age Concern but our befriending service leads the charge.

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  • Activity Centres

    Activity Centres

    We make it as easy as A, B, C for people to engage in fun stuff, make new friends and to simply enjoy themselves through an endless list of activities for both men and women.

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