Day Support Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities
• To be involved and contribute towards the support and wellbeing of all service users attending the centre and/or through outreach support in their home/community
• To work in partnership with service users encouraging choice, participation and motivation, adhering at all times to the value of the individual
• To encourage service users to maintain independence, taking into account their physical and emotional condition
• To stimulate their participation in a range of meaningful activity assisting to retain and develop new skills within a therapeutic setting
• To be a key worker for a number of service users ensuring individual support plans are implemented and updated
• To report to senior staff any incidents which may have relevance to the individual service user
• To support service users with personal care as required, promoting dignity and respect
• To support the driver in escorting and assisting service users on the minibus, when attending the centre
• To work with other members of the team to support Carers of people using the service, through the provision of Carer support groups, social activities and forums

The Post Holder will also…

• Achieve the level of computer competency as required for the role
• Work in accordance with all of the organisations policies and procedures
• Participate and contribute generally to the organisations activities, attending meetings and conferences as required
• Participate in the organisations fundraising, promotions and social events, working with other members of staff and volunteers
• To undertake other duties which may be required by the organisation which are consistent with the duties and responsibilities of the post

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