Purposeful Businesses

Are you a purposeful business?  If the answer is yes or if you’d like to become one, then Age Concern Central Lancashire can help.

We have a rich history of working with businesses within Lancashire and across the North West for the benefit of society.  Join our Patron’s Community and access a variety of member benefits whilst networking with likeminded business owners, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to boost your good dividends, choose Age Concern as your charity of the year or support us through donations, gifts in kind, fundraising, payroll giving and corporate initiatives no matter how large or small.  There are so many ways that your business and its employees can make a positive impact on the lives of societies most vulnerable people whilst also boosting its own profile, support and profitability.  We call it “the art of the possible!”

Hard work, ingenuity and impact: this organisation may be in the non-profit environment, but it runs like a well-oiled business should and has measurable impact for service users across the county.” – Stephen Bolton, Commercial Director – Lancashire Business View

Winners of;

The Lancashire Business View Award at the 2020 Red Rose Awards

The BIBAs Business Hero Award 2020 at the BIBAs Awards



We’re often asked how businesses, trusts and foundations can support our work and in turn act in the best interests of Lancashire’s environment and society. In a nutshell, it’s simply the art of the possible and if your business values mirror ours then we’d love to talk.

An ageing population brings many challenges for the whole of society but we prefer to flip the script and focus on opportunities, innovation and doing good.  We bring the joy!

Age Concern offers the art of the possible but it’s not a one-way street as we aim to have as big an impact on the partners we engage with as they have on Lancashire’s landscape.

In short; working in partnership with Age Concern can help your business to save money, make money, save time and solve problems!

Psst!  Don’t believe us, then perhaps Lancashire Business View’s comments may change your mind.

‘Corporate Social Responsibility should not be a box-ticking exercise. It should be organic, dynamic and proactive. If your organisation puts charity at the heart of their CSR strategy, there can be profound bottom-line benefits and maximum societal benefit.’ – Read More

By engaging with Age Concern your business can demonstrate to its customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders that you take corporate activism seriously to help you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to know more then please get in touch via (01772) 552859.  The kettle is always on!

Take a peek at our ‘Scorecard House Model’ to see what makes us tick.

Who We Work With

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Eric Wright Charitable Trust

The Eric Wright Charitable Trust has supported Age Concern for a number of years and makes a monetary donation annually in support of our Access to Benefits service.

For years Age Concern received no funding for this vital service and kept it going through diminishing core reserves. The money received from the Eric Wright Charitable Trust does not cover the full operating costs but plays a significant role in keeping the wheels turning.

As a result; we’ve been able to help thousands of vulnerable older people in Lancashire to secure benefits they otherwise wouldn’t have known about and wouldn’t have accessed to help improve their quality of life.

The Access to Benefits team is small but makes a massive difference to the lives of local people. For every £1.00 spent on the service, a whopping £13.00 is secured in benefits, that’s a staggering 1,200% return on investment and across a two year period over £2.2 million pounds has hit the pockets of society’s most vulnerable adults. This money is also spent locally which is great for the economy and prosperity of Lancashire.

Clearly these outcomes are something the Eric Wright Charitable Trust can be proud of and you too could make a difference just like this!

waitrose banner


Age Concern’s relationship with Waitrose proves that corporate social responsibility can be a two-way street.

Waitrose provides gift in kind support for dementia centres and events and in return, Age Concern provides dementia awareness training to their frontline staff within stores and distribution centres. Now that’s a ‘triple bottom line’ where both parties benefit from working together and so does wider society through improved awareness, policy and service delivery!

conlons banner

Conlon Construction

Conlon are a superb example of how local family businesses can play their part in helping societies most vulnerable people.

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just all about cash!  Age Concern benefits significantly from the generosity of its supporters through ‘gifts in kind’ such as the help received from Conlon Construction.

Their valuable support has enabled Age Concern to securely store its vehicles and to acquire building materials for its dementia centres and men in sheds projects without which, the charity could not afford.

Age Concern welcomes all types of corporate support and our partnership with Conlon Construction simply illustrates the art of the possible and the value added from local businesses who take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

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