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About Age Concern

Since 1981 Age Concern has been devoted to helping people live well and age well in Lancashire. From helping people to keep doing the things they want, through to providing support when the wheels fall off, Age Concern is the provider of choice.

People often get Age Concern confused with national older peoples charities but in reality Age Concern is a local and fully independent charity and the masters of its own destiny.  We are not part of Age UK.

The charity was founded in 1981 and has deep rooted connections to the city of Preston and County of Lancashire.  In a nutshell, you can’t get more local than Age Concern!

Our History:

1981 – 1986 – Age Concern Preston

1987 – 2008 – Age Concern Preston and South Ribble

2009 – 2019 – Age Concern Central Lancashire (Age Concern for short)

Age Concern is a nonprofit organisation, with its income being fully invested back into the charity to help vulnerable people across Lancashire.

A fun potted history-Cue the Star Wars music!

A long time ago in a location not too far away, well Preston and South Ribble to be exact, the ‘older’ generation needed help! Pursued by sinister forces trying to deny their benefits and faced with a galactic sized void of fun things to do, it was clear that help was needed and fast…

At that precise moment, in 1981, a glimmer appeared from the darkness and an ally was born! Like a beacon of light, Age Concern emerged from the shadows and through its fleet of services and legions of staff and volunteers the charity valiantly defended older people from the dark side who would otherwise seek to leave them in the cold and feeling isolated and lonely…

An eternity later, 14,600 days and counting, Age Concerns’ force is stronger than ever and it now roams the whole of Lancashire in search of people and allies in need.

Yet one thing is clear…

Like an intelligent life form Age Concern has continued to evolve and now supports people aged 18 years and over to live well and age well…

In recent times Age Concern has started to migrate throughout Lancashire and the North West of England but has traditionally operated in Preston, Chorley and South Ribble.  However with the introduction of the Tinternet and increasing ecommerce activity, Age Concern can legitimately stake its claim as a truly global charity!  As those who speyk Lanky twang would say “that’s reet gradely!”

Age Concern never keeps still in its quest to support adults of all ages.  Amassed over nearly 40 years the charity has tonnes of experience in providing specialist services that truly make a difference to vulnerable people, their families and carers.

Age Concern is a lot more to a lot more.  For over 10 years the charity has supported people aged 18 years and over but with a particular emphasis on older adults.  We believe that chronological age does not define a person and that ageing well is a state of mind.  That’s why our motto is #ageisjustanumber!

Our Values:  Adaptable, Compassionate, Honourable, Progressive, Enterprising, Exploring, Outrageous

Our Mission: The provider of choice, helping people to live well and age well now and forever

Our Vision: Helping people to live well and age well

Age Concern’s brand is built on its values which the charity lives and breathes.  We do the right thing even when no one is watching!

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Our company poem ‘The Dash’ was produced in loving memory of Judith Culshaw – 1949-2018

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    “I would be lost without my Home Help. I look forward to her visits each week. We always enjoy a good catch up and a laugh. I no longer worry about my washing and the house. All is done to a very high standard. I feel more relaxed and confident. More importantly I maintain my independence. Thank you Age concern”

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    “Your officer was very patient, polite and caring.  She gave information in a clear, easy to understand way.  She is an absolute treasure, a really lovely person who is a credit to Age Concern.”