5 minute Fundraisers

5 minute Fundraisers

Blog | 23 Oct 2019

Easy fundraising ideas for all ages that take just minutes to organise.

Freda is 94. She lives in Plungington, and like an estimated 35,000 other people in Lancashire, she’s lonely. Thankfully, Freda has Kate, her Age Concern befriender who’s been stopping by every week for more than a year now. You can read the full heart-warming story here.

The thing is, there’s a Freda near you. There’s a Freda near all of us. We want to help them all, by making them feel part of our flock. That’s what’s behind our #WTFLancs (What the Flock, in case you were wondering) campaign. We need to raise money to give more people like Freda the chance to connect with more people like Kate.

Be part of our fundraising flock
You might be willing to throw a pound or two in a bucket every now and again (which is very welcome), but organising an event is… well, it’s just a bit of a faff isn’t it? That’s often the perception, but it doesn’t have to take much time at all. So here are five 5-minute fundraisers that could help all the Fredas near you:

  • Make fundraising part of your working day

Does your place of work have a dress-down Friday? How about a voluntary charge for the day? Perhaps you could put collection buckets by the main doors (or in the canteen) or ask everyone to pay £1 to park their car on site for the day. And if you ask really nicely, perhaps the business could match whatever you raise?

How much time will this take? A quick chat with the boss and an email or two to the office is all it takes. Simple.

  • Get the kids involved

Schools do so much for their community, so they’re a natural fit with what we do. Beyond the traditional harvest festival, you could help raise money to fight loneliness in your area by:

• Asking for a 50p donation for each child to dress-down or dress up for the day
• Arranging a bake sale, with monies raised donated to Age Concern
• Taking advantage of the season: getting all crafty for Christmas, Easter or Halloween? Why not ask for a 50p donation to take creations home?
• Making a collection at events (the school play, orchestra recital, parents’ evening etc)

How long will this take? Anything you do at school will need to be cleared by the head, the PTFA or the leadership team, but a quick conversation should be all it takes to get a little bit of promotion in the school newsletter/email.

  • Get sporty

The great thing about fundraising as part of a sports club is that it’s a chance to do good whilst getting competitive! A simple sponsorship form is all it takes, then the members can set about filling their sheets before the big event, which could be:

• A marathon swim
• A record-breaking penalty shoot out
• A long distance sponsored run or cycle

Alternatively, why not run your next rugby/golf/cricket club event in aid of Age Concern and make an enormous difference simply by:

• Adding a small surcharge to tickets
• Running a raffle
• Running a sports memorabilia auction
• Placing collection buckets at the bar

How long will this take? Some organisation required, although much of it can be rolled in with the regular business of running the club.

  • Club together

Are you part of a club or social group? Do you sing? Dance? Bake? Make models or ramble? Whenever you open up what you do to the public, consider running a raffle or tombola, bring a collection bucket, or just add a little extra to your ticket prices as a donation.

How long will this take? Assuming you’d be doing the event anyway, no time at all.

  • Get social

From Total Giving to Facebook, there are loads of ways you can drum up donations via social media. So if you and your friends fancy a karaoke marathon, an actual marathon or a sponsored bike ride, you can get things moving in minutes with a click.

How long will this take? Setting up an appeal page on Total Giving takes minutes. Then there’s just the time you need for the event itself.

Put the fun in fundraising

There’s a serious purpose behind what we do, but fundraising should be fun too. And given that we’re all about reducing isolation and loneliness, we particularly love fundraising events that bring people together.

If you’d like some ideas or advice for your own event, please give us a call on 01772 552859 or view our fundraising pack here… whatever you do, we’d love to hear about it on social media (#WTFLancs).